Yust a trying

My mum says everytime that when I dont talk to her I have to talk to anyone else. But I don´t want to talk to somebody. So I write in this blog. May its not the right decision but I have to risc something sometime.


Today I was jogging with my best friend Nicki. There was a time in that we were not in touch but thats two years ago but it was for three years, before we go our own ways we know each other for 7 years. She´s a bit creepy and depressive before I stopped her she was cutting herself. Before we met again I was cutting myself too becaus I thought it would be better to die than to live. Because I everyone and I thought everybody was hating me. Then I go to therapist who helped me. It was a dark side of my life. Today I´m looking at my scars and some times I whish I had´nt done it but sometimes when I´m down I think about doing it again. Then I think about Nicki and say no to myself, I´ve saved her and when I do it again she would do it again because she may thought that when I´m allowed to do it she is to and then it will all start again. and I have to prevent it!


The Blog is named Indiscernible Girl thats because I´m indescernible. No one sees me or take notice of me. So thats why indescernible.

But when you know who I am pssst...

be quiet and keep it by yourself

15.11.13 21:32

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