Weekend is over!

Tomorrow is Monday. Thats to early. I want another day between saturday and sunday!  But it´s not how I whish so I have to get up tomorrow at 6.00 am. And I think thats to early, I need more than 9 hours sleep but when I have to gat up at a unfriendly time like this I can´t be awake and produktive at school. 

But who the hell cares about my opinion?!


Today my aunt ant my stepuncle visit us. my mum was happy to see her sister but me, my dad and my brother were afraind of their coming. because everytime when thay visit us our mom is getting angry faster and she´s cooking terrible things for lunch. And today it was like every other aunt-and-uncle-visit-day: HORRIBLE!!

They were talking about things that no one cares but my mum was listening like they tell really interesting things. But it wasn´t so! They talking about their work and really thei were talking about teire shit.  OMG! I can´t stop being ashamed about my mom and my aunt.

I hope this day will be over sa fast as it can be! Please God.   Let it be.


17.11.13 16:22

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