Fantasies and let my imagination run wild

Soft lips are kissing my neck. He spark a storm of feeling in me. I feel like I can´t hold these feeings. That this fellings gonna breakup myself. His soft lips move around my cheek, then to my lips.  A groan flips out of my lips. He was holding his breth. A nervous prickling goes through my body. He pressed his lips at mine. First soft like he don´t wanna hurt me. But when I reply his kiss, he´s kissing me harder with more passion like he was only were waiting of my reply. This kiss was getting hotter and hotter. As his thoungh touched my lips I hold my breth. I permit that his thoungh slides into my mouth. His thoungh was softly playing with mine. He taste like chocolat. I go with his play. Our kisses getting dark like chocolate and hotter than the sun. His lips move around my cheeks again and then to my neck an deeper and deeper. I felt a new disire in my belly and not only there. He pull me out of my shirt and kisses my breast, his warm and soft thoungh writes words  or symboles at my breast. I feel like I can´t breath. Not in a bad way rather I liked what he does so much that I don´t wanna let him stop.

As I want to kiss him and to ripped his shirt from his body….


… my alarm rangs!

Thats the moment when I realised that nothing of this happend. That there was no guy that I kissed. That this all was fiction.

17.11.13 21:04

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