A friendly new girl

A new girl at our school!

The first tome everybodys watching her, trieing to check her out without talking to her. sometimes I´m the first person who talks to the new ones but this time I don´t. Nicki was the girl who talks firs to the new one. She telled me later that she´s from England,Bristol and that her name Jessa is. She have short brown hair and brown eyes. She´s friendly Nicki said. The next break we sit togethen and talked about Bristol and england and about school. 

Then Tony, a classmate, appears and threw some rubbish at Jessa :"Oh sorry, I didn´t see you." We all ( Nicki, Jessa, Chrisi and me) were angry about that. But Jessa only said that she´s fine and that she don´t care about it. But I saw in her eyes how afraid she was at it. So i did something which I´ve never done before. I defend Jessa.

I walk over to him and threw the rubbish he trew on Jessa at him. That was the worsed thing I´ve ever done. Becaus everyone exept my friends hates me because Tony is a popular person and I a really unpopular person threw rubbish at him.


21.11.13 14:23

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