Me and Love


Today I was on a festival in downtown. I saw many different kinds of people: Punks, Gothics, Rebells, Cheerleaders, "I´m-Daddys-Darling"s and Couples. Many of them. And then people like me: alone, invisible, single.

Something aches deep inside me. I couldn´t look at these couples. They were holding hands and giving kisses. But I, I couldn´t. I have nobody. Nobody who I can kiss. Nobodey who I can love. Sometimes I thought I can say to a pretty stranger: "Help me! let i look like we´re a couple. There´s a boy he´s hustleing me to a date, Please help me."  But then I rethought it and I wasn´t sure about it anymore. Then there was these pain inside of me. I felt so bad. It feels like somebody is squeezeing my heart. One time it aches so much that some tears fell out of my eyes.

Although crying and heart pain I survived. But my feelings are the same. Pain inside me, heart pain.

24.11.13 21:15, kommentieren