After School

Dark Woods


I like the woods near my home. Everyday I went there and walk between the trees. Every tree is mostly ten year older than me but every got theire own history. And everytime I´m walking in the woods I try to imagine how this history may look. This time I wasn´t alone. This isn´t a special thing. Most times Nicki is walking with me but this time Nevia was with me. I love riding Nevia because she´s like me. In our stable no one cares about her excpt me and Mr.W. her owner. We two are the only persons who ride her. The others are scared of her or don´t like her because she´s a bit difficult but when you leave time with her she will accept you one time. And I leave much time with her. Trying to make her accept me. I´ve walked with her and huged her and spend much of love to her. She´s THE horse I´ve ever wanted.

I was riding her when I saw some trees which were really beautiful. Dark and invisible in the bulk. And that´s the way I liked trees, they don´t speak or laugh about you.


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